• Large Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester
  • Self-propelled Corn Harvester
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Combine Rice Harvester Uganda Manual Corn Planter to Nepal Two-row Reaper Binder to Dubai Rice Reaper Harvester Exported

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Rice Machine Destined for Togo

In April 2012, the rice harvester was exported to Togo. Now the rice harvester has been already used for harvesting and the reflect from customer is great. The AMS-RH1.0 with the weight of 450kg has been granted the national patent, independently developed by the company through learning advanced technology home and abroad as well as combining its own development experience. And the facts show that capacity has improved a lot.

The finished required rice harvester in the factory waiting for transportation.

 middle rice harvester-1

 middle rice harvester-2

The shipment process.

packing & loading process


The scene of Amisy rice harvester working in the field.

working process of the Amisy rice harvester

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