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Argentina Agricultural Machinery Market

As one of the world’s traditional top food supplier, Argentina is an important market for agricultural equipment. After agricultural technology innovation, there is a large demand and sales of agricultural machinery in Argentina, and the hot-sale products on Argentine agricultural machinery market are tractors, harvesters, planters, mowers and balers, etc. The manufacture of farm machinery and implements in Argentina is long-established and was one of the first industries to develop because of agriculture’s historically lead role in the Argentine economy. Argentina domestic production of agricultural machinery and equipment accounts for between 15%-35% of the total market. There are approximately 130 manufacturers of a wide variety of machinery and many of them rely on imported key parts and components.
Information of Planter Sales
1. The relevant role of agricultural production generates a high demand for agricultural machinery.
2. In planters, local production can supply almost the whole market demand.
3. Local producers take advantage of their know-how on no-till farming techniques implemented in Argentina.
Information of Irrigation Equipment Sales
1. The Argentina market for irrigation systems has been growing in recent years due to the increased amount of Argentina farmland for row crops.
2. Currently, less than 5% of farmland, is under irrigation. Specialists indicate that at least 20% of total farmland could benefit form irrigation.
3. The US dominates imports in this sector, accounting for over 50% of imports.
Information of Harvester Sales
1. Harvesters’ sales decrease in 2009, due to the global crisis and a strong drought.
2. In 2010 national sales of harvesters have strongly recovered.
3. The recover of harvester means there is an opportunity to continue encouraging national production.
Information of Tractor Sales
1. Currently, most of the demand is met through imports.
2. However, local production has increased its market share in the last 2 years.
3. During 2010 there had been important investment announcements to increase tractor production in Argentina.
Information of Parts and Components Sales
1. There are a large number of small Argentine producers of agricultural implements and domestic production of tractors and combines.
2. This subsector currently represents approximately 10% of the annual sales value of tractors and harvesters.
3. Gradually, Argentine agricultural producers are integrating technologies that help to minimize use of agricultural inputs while not reducing yield and draw on foreign suppliers for key components.
Agricultural machinery is one of the most competitive complex industries in Argentina, and the Ministry of Industry and the agricultural machinery private sector are working on an Strategic Plan to foster the local production. They expect that in 2020 domestic production of agricultural machinery will reach 2,500 million dollars by expectation for producing 10,000 sowers, 4,000 tractors and 11,000 harvesters, when the 2010 figures were 3,800 sowers, 600 harvesters and 2,150 tractors produced.

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