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Brazil Agricultural Machinery Market

Brazil is one of the main agricultural machinery markets in Latin America and it is the only country that achieves surplus in agricultural machinery import and export trade. At the same time, Brazil is a large, dynamic and rapidly growing market for agricultural equipment. This growth is driven by an extensive commercial farming sector that itself is a major global exporter of agricultural commodities.
Brazil agriculture labor force is taking 23% share of the total labor force, and agriculture production value contributes 11% of GDP. Developing agriculture industry is the gist of Brazilian agriculture policy. To this end, Brazil government has set up a series of policy and mechanism to support agriculture development, which mainly are agricultural loan system and the policy of agriculture assurance and minimum price.
With the influx of foreign farm land investors in Brazil, there comes a need for farming machinery and related equipments, which means a great opportunity of consolidating the growing market for farm machines and equipments in Brazil. In 2012, according to ANFAVEA (the Brazilian Automotive Vehicles Manufacturers Association), Brazil produced 83,600 agricultural machines, 2.5% more than in 2011. Imports increased 30% in 2012, reaching 2,175 units. In 2013, it is estimated that imports will increase more than 50%. This mainly due to the price increase of agricultural commodities, as well as to Brazil’s large and prosperous domestic market for food and other agricultural products.
From January to July in 2013, Brazilian agricultural machinery export value is 8369 sets, fell by 15.1% year on year.

wheeled tractor
tillage machine
engineering tractor
2013 Export (set)
Fall (%)

Brazil is a major market for both finished equipment and parts and components. Due to high tariffs and other barriers to the importation of finished goods, Brazil is also a major market for parts and components for final assembly in local factories. Brazil is also one of the few countries still capable of increasing its planted area. Large portions of Brazil’s savanna or prairie region are still available for cultivation, leaving considerable room for growth of the country’s commercial agricultural sector.

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