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Chile Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Market

Chile agriculture is in the pattern of coexistence between traditional agriculture and modern agriculture. In the agricultural development, Chile puts high value on agriculture science and technology, so it has a high agricultural development level.
Chile enjoys several competitive advantages leading to its growing domestic market for agricultural machinery and equipment. One is Chile’s position in the southern hemisphere. Thus Chile can produce fresh crops at a time other markets are stagnated by the winter season. Another is Chile’s agro-ecological conditions are ideal for growing high quality crops, which highlight them in the international market.
Chilean exports of agriculture and agro-industrial products grew by 12% during 2011, due to an increase of international prices and local implementation of new production processes based on new and more efficient machinery and equipment. As a result, the market for agriculture machinery and equipment grew by approximately 44% and expected to grow about 18% during 2012, and at rates between 7-8% yearly average, through 2015. What is important is that new machinery of higher efficiency has directly increased the productivity. Some agriculture process such as harvesting, has replaced the human labor with harvesting machinery. This increased use of automated equipment has helped resolve the problem of rising labor costs.
Other than the development of domestic market of farming machines, there are many opportunities for other countries to enter the Chilean market. The United States accounts for approximately 16% of equipment imports, and these opportunities are produced by trade shows, such as Agrotech---agriculture machinery and equipment trade fair.
The agricultural equipment market in Chile is well developing, and it has best prospect for some sub-sectors:
1. Irrigation infrastructure: to maximize efficiency of water use.
2. Precision agricultural equipment: to efficiently monitor production conditions and improve crop yield.
3. Fresh fruit harvesting equipment: to reduce labor and production costs.
In general, machinery and equipment that reduce energy consumption, that are eco-friendly, and that makes processes more efficient has good prospects within the agriculture equipment and machinery industry.

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