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  • Self-propelled Corn Harvester
  • Paddy Transplanter
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Agriculture Machinery Industry in Germany

wheat combine harvester

grain thresher machine

Germany is the largest exporting country of agriculture machinery in the world, and also it is the largest agriculture machinery manufacturer and the second largest agriculture machinery consumer country in western Europe. German agricultural machinery manufacturing industry output value accounts for about 10% of the world's total output, accounts for about a quarter in the western European countries, and machine export amounted to 74%.
Germany agricultural machinery keeps the development trend of compound operation and joint operation. The combine machine of scarifying, fertilizing and seeding is more and more popular; the plough, mineral fertilizer applicator, combine harvester and grain thresher are also in great demand.
The agricultural machinery industry in Germany has a highly competitive position, because:
1. High ability of design and sophisticated technology: the complete computer simulation and design are necessary in the early stage of the product manufacturing.
2. High production efficiency and machining precision: Germany agriculture machine manufacturing has highly automated and informative manufacture system.
3. Excellent product quality and good brand reputation: attach great importance to the detail management in both production and marketing.
4. Attach great importance to training skilled and first-class industrial workers: Germany industry has good mechanism of talent reserve echelon.
5. High internationalization degree of employees and business contributes to the diverse market development.
6. Accurate market position and stable development patterns: Germany industry is laying emphasis on the moderate development scale and profitability.
7. Thorough product service: manufacturers of agricultural machinery will offer the economic solution to the farming machines as well as the farm cultivation when supplying the farming machines.
8. Cooperation between peer enterprises: the manufacturers of different farming machines have a teamwork in products development and sales to lead the mutual improvement.