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Mexico Agriculture Equipment

The so-called home of corn, Mexico, is the traditional agricultural country, and agriculture has a pivotal position in its national economy. The Mexican economy is heavily based on their agriculture industry, so their demand for agriculture equipments is very large. With agriculture amounting to over 40 billion dollars of Mexico’s GDP, there is massive market for farming machine. Furthermore, with this being such a large portion of Mexico’s GDP they are going to be extremely receptive to importation of equipment that services this need.
While there is a substantial level of FDI in Mexico, there is also a significant amount of room for agriculture equipment market left to update. Furthermore, though the FDI Confidence is low, it does not pose any real concerns especially when dealing in a vital asset like farm machinery.
Since Mexico domestic tractor production cannot completely meet the market demand, a large number of importation is needed each year. Due to NAFTA, there are virtually no trade restriction on importing farming machine in Mexico, but the used machinery is banned from import, especially if it is a motor vehicle. And Mexico does not significantly complete locally price controls for agricultural machinery. Agriculture equipment plays a vital role in the Mexican economy, so it will not bound its importation.
Mexico has a number of trade disputes with other country over a number of items including agricultural trade, but it does not have any impact on its trade of agricultural machinery. On the other hand, the agriculture machinery helps Mexico remain competitive with their agriculture production against heavily industrialized nations.
In Mexico, there are many exotic farm machinery companies and most of them emerged since mid-1960s, in the form joint venture or sole proprietorship for setting up factories and marketing. Because these companies found that there are unique strengths that can be taken advantage of within Mexico, based marketing and service: leverage local marketing to maximize returns and offer local service to enhance their bottom line of farm machinery sales.

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