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Netherland Agricultural Machinery Market

Netherland has limited land recourses, but 70% of the land is used for farming, which indicates that agriculture is only of minor importance in Netherland economic. Netherland is an important member country of the EU and its agriculture takes an important position in the EU. At the same time, it is the second large agricultural products exporting country, enjoying a significant role in international agricultural trade. So Netherland is the 9th largest market for agricultural machinery in the EU. Consumption was € 73 million in 2010. Total imports was € 217 million.
2010 Netherland Agricultural Machinery Consumption and Production
1. The market for agricultural machinery was the 6th largest market in the EU and reached just above € 1 billion in 2010. The Netherland agricultural market share of the total market was 4.9%.
2. Netherland agricultural machinery production in 2010 was € 0.8 billion, taking 3.7% share of total EU production.
3. Consumption of parts and components is expected to increase again when the original equipment manufacturers market picks up. The aftermarket is expected to remain more stable, and might realize a small growth during the next 3 years.
2010 Netherland Agricultural Equipment Imports and Exports
1. Total imports of parts and components for agricultural machinery reached € 217 million in 2010. The share of EU was 7.9%.
2. Netherland had a positive trade balance of € 44 million in 2010, meaning that it exported 20% more than it imported.
3. Imports form other EU countries amounted to 76% of total imports, which was lower than the EU average of 86%.
4. The share of imports sourced in developing countries reached 7% of total imports, which was higher than the EU average of 5.1%. Imports from developing countries increased by 20% during the period covered.

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