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Information about Peru Agricultural Mechanization

sugarcane harvesting machine

grain threshing machine

Peru owns wide farmland with optimal output, and its sugarcane, asparagus and olive productions all rank top around the world. But Peru has been keeping a agricultural pattern of the coexistence of traditional agriculture and modern exporting agriculture. The traditional agro-products for domestic consumption are corn, wheat, rice and barley, etc; the economic crops for exporting are sugarcane, cotton, coffee, tobacco, etc.
In recent years, the Peru government has taken a series of measures and policies to support and encourage the agricultural development. However, the short capital, backward science & technology, etc cause Peruvian overall agriculture development of low level, which meanwhile means great investment and development potential for agriculture in Peru. Coffee, cotton and asparagus, etc for exporting are mainly planted in coastal areas and have relatively high efficiency by employing relatively well-developed irrigation systems and intensive management. Food crops and tuber crops are planted in mountains and forests and have low degree of mechanization for using primitive farming ways. The grain production in Peru is all for domestic market, but it still can not meet the demand and needs a large number of import. To improve this kind of phenomenon, the Peru government have put a lot of money towards promoting agricultural mechanization.
The agricultural mechanization in Peru has led a demand increase of agricultural machinery. At the same time, the government has declared the import tariff of agriculture equipments, like tractors, harvester machines, etc has been reduced form 4% to 0%, which greatly helps the agriculture equipment import trade. According to the relevant statistics, the imported amount of farm machines in 2011 is 1851 sets, accounting for 40.1 million dollars.
Though there are many measures and policies have been carried out, the agricultural mechanization level in Peru is still in a condition that needs to be bettered:
1. There are only 5,000 sets tractors throughout the country and the harvesting machines are much less.
2. The agricultural machinery, such as the threshing machine, water pump and cotton gin are mainly imported.
3. The policy and regulation for promoting agricultural mechanization needs to be perfected.