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Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester Introduction
Potato harvesters are machines designed for potato harvesting. This machine can finish mining, soil and potato separation in one time and can harvest the potato with the potato stems. It is a multifunctional machine which can used for variety kinds of underground plants such as peanut, carrot, onion, etc.
Working Principle of Potato Harvesting Machine
The potato harvester dig the potatoes by the digger web and then lift them to the sieving webs.
The machine harvest the potatoes by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. Soil and potatoes are transferred onto a series of webs where the soil and the potatoes are sieved out and the potatoes are separated from the soil.
Remarkable Features of Potato Harvester Machine
☆ Multifunctional. This potato harvester machine can used for harvesting varieties of underground plants.
☆ High efficient. This machine can harvest 0.27 hectare field per hour and the feed capacity is about 180kg/s.
☆ Wide working width. Compared with other potato harvester, this potato harvesting machine has a wider working width about 800mm.
☆ Low loss rate. The loss rate of this machine is less than 0.1%.
☆ Wide adaptation. The machine is suitable for all kinds of soil, such as sandy soil, clayey soil and roam.
☆ Good performance. This potato harvesting equipment can harvest the potatoes without hurting the peel of the potatoes and harvest the potatoes with the potato vine.
☆ Easy operation. The machine is with simple and compact structure and can connect with the tractors easily.
Widely Application of Potato Harvesting Machinery
This potato harvesting machine has a wide application range which can be used for the harvesting of potato, peanut, sweet potato, carrot, garlic, onion and other underground plants.

harvesting potatoes

potato havester can also be used for processing carrots,cassave,etc

Maintenance & Repair Tips
1. The soil should be cleaned after each operation.
2. Check out the fastener of the machine and make sure there isn’t any start.
3. The machine should be prevented from the rain and acidic materials, the share of the machine should be oiled when not using.
Potato Harvesting Machine Market
Potatoes are planted almost all over the world and are welcomed by people all over the world. However, since the potatoes are grown underground and the soil are often sandy oil or clayey oil, it is hard to harvest. The traditional way of potato harvesting is low efficient and labor wasting. While by using this multi-functional potato harvester, it can harvest the plants efficient and also save labor. So the market of this potato harvester is vast.
Quality Guarantee Terms
Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.
Parameter of Potato Harvester

Model AMS-PH-800
Feeding capacity 180 kg/s
Capacity 0.27 hectare/h
Matched power 18 HP tractor or larger
Working width 800 mm
Loss rate <0.1%
Machine dimension 1200*1150*800mm
Net Weight 200kg

Product Name: Potato Harvester