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Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    Classification of Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    1BZ series Hydraulic Heavy-Offset Disk Harrows

    Offset Disc Harrow can be worked upon in an offset position. A single change in hitch makes the harrow to move either to the left or right side of the tractor. This is very popular nowadays as it gives a very smooth soil.

    1BZ series hydraulic heavy-offset disk harrows are available in both mounted and trailing types. Their sizes vary according to the size and capability of a tractor.

    Designed by confidently advanced technology of our company connecting with international technology through many times of experiments, disc harrows are mainly used for middle and large size of tractors, Hp about 55-160. With steady structure and fine effect on hard plain and harrowing wasteland, disc harrows have been popularly exported to many countries and districts. IBZ series hydraulic heavy-offset disk harrows are equipped with hydraulic lifting tires and spring leveling mechanism and designed by international advanced ideas, with using steel structure as the main harrows body. So, this heavy harrows are especially suitable to plough large farmland with the features of durable structure, easy transportation and easy maintenance.

    Hydraulic Folding Offset Heavy Duty Disc Harrow heavy disc harrow
    heavy offset disc harrows
    heavy offset disc harrows

    1BZDZ Series Hydraulic Folding Offset Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    Special single shaft of IBZDZ series hydraulic folding offset heavy duty disc
    harrows is designed with 32-66 disc harrows blades lining in front and back. This heavy duty disk harrows are suitable to harrow heavy soil land, low humidity land, straw land, or large area of land with stubbles, and to crush large pieces of soil after ploughing into small pieces. Working width is from 250 cm to 700 cm, mating power from 80 Hp to 260 Hp.

    The front disc blades and rear ones are designed dislocated, ambilateral disc blades with symmetric design-X-shape. The Operating angle is adjustable. The Hydraulic Folding Offset Heavy Duty Disc Harrow is with compact structure, better working and driving stability. Adjustable angle makes it turn around easily to plough soil hacks completely with high efficiency in working.

    IBZDZ series hydraulic folding offset heavy duty disc harrows are equipped with wide rubber tires. At the same time, the hydraulic system can easily fold and lock both sides of harrows with the breadth less than 2.5 m in safe transit. Heavy folding offset heacy duty disc harrows have the features of both wide and efficient operation and narrow carriage transfer characteristic.

    folding offset heavy duty disc harrows
    folding offset heavy duty disc harrows

    Difference between Heavy and Light Duty Disc Harrow

    Heavy harrows are made up of a shaft and many pieces of plum blossom – shaped harrows with diameter about 50 cm and a hole in the center. The number of harrows vary from the mechanical efficiency of tractors. United harrows, also called jointed harrows, always hanging between “big plough” and “roller harrow”, are mainly used to highly turn lands by uniting many “heavy harrows” with a triangle connector. This series of machines are more than 1000 kg. With reasonable distribution of harrows in special distance and angles, large plough can turn the large pieces of soil of a rolling shape when working into small pieces. At the same time, the behind roller harrows are heavy enough to crush these small pieces into hard land, which is helpful for water loss.

    The difference between light harrows and heavy harrows are the shape of harrows. Light harrows also called disc harrows, are made up of round steel sheet piles with diameters about 50 cm and a hole in the center. The way of assembling light harrows is similar to heavy harrows. As for function of light harrows, it is similar to heavy harrows, mainly to turn large pieces of soil. But light harrows are always used with planter and roller harrows in spring, generally hanging between large ploughs and planters to turn the large pieces of soil caused by roller harrows in festival. Because of rolling-shaped soil after heavy harrows, the planters are difficult to control the planting height. That’s why lighet harrows are more suitable to crush large pieces of soil in spring.

    • heavy harrow

      How to choose disc harrows?

      • you should know the features and humidity of your land. This will help you to choose a suitable light duty disc harrows, middle duty disc harrows or heavy duty disc harrows. In general, the diameter of light, medium duty disc harrow, and heavy duty disc harrows are separately 460mm, 560mm, and 660mm.
      • you should know Hp parameters of tractors. Tractors with different HP should be equipped with appropriate disc harrows, which avoids anomalous running of this tillage implement, and low working efficiency caused by large horsepower.


    Parameter of Hydraulic Heavy-Offset Disk Harrows

    Model 1BZ-1.8 1BZ-2.2 1BZ-2.5 1BZ-3.0 1BZ-3.4
    Overall size(mm) 4800*2000*1340 4820*2440*1340 5320*2880*1340 5320*3320*1340 5820*3760*1340
    Weight(kg) 1050-1100 1250-1300 1380-1430 1500-1550 1650-1700
    Working width(m) 1.8 2.2 2.5 3.0 3.4
    Working depth(mm) 200 200 200 200 200
    Disc space(mm) 230 230 230 230 230
    Qty. of disc(pc) 16 20 24 28 32
    Dia. Of disc(mm) 660 660 660 660 660
    Ground clearance(mm) >160 >160 >160 >160 >160
    Productivity(ha/h) 1.1 1.3 1.4 1.7 1.9
    Matched power(hp) 44-55 50-65 55-75 60-90 65-100
    Linkage Trailed Trailed Trailed Trailed Trailed
    remarks 36、40、48、56slice parameter, See the product parameters form

    Technical Data of Hydraulic Folding Offset Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    Model 1BZDZ-4.4 1BZDZ-4.8 1BZDZ-5.3 1BZDZ-6.2
    Overall dimension(mm) 5800×4500×1500 5800×4950×1500 5800×5400×1500 5800×6380×1500
    Weight(kg) 3100~3150 3250~3300 3400~3450 4150-4200
    Working width(m) 4.4 4.8 5.3 6.2
    Working depth(mm) 240 240 240 240
    Blade spacing(mm) 230 230 230 230
    No of disc(pc) 40 44 48 56
    Dia.of disc(mm) 660 660 660 660
    Transport clearance(mm) >260 >260 >260 >260
    Productivity(ha/h) 2.7 3.2 3.8 4.65
    Matched power(HP) 105-110 115-120 125-130 140-160
    Linkage Trailed Trailed Trailed Trailed

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