The broiler floor raising system is to lay plastic plates 60 cm above the ground in the breeding area of the chicken house. Chicken manure falling into the net can reduce the infection of digestive tract disease, especially the control of coccidiosis. This kind of culture also helps to reduce the incidence of chest cyst.

Features of Plastic Floor

  1. All of our poultry floors are made of rugged virgin, high impact polypropylene (EPS30R) plastic material, anti-oxydant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, one-time molding technology. Provide heavy-duty, stronger, durable slat floor for chickens up to 220lbs, for 10-15 years.
  2. Well designed slot openings for more than 50% open space manure filtration, that leaves a cleaner floor to help protect poultry from bacteria-causing disease. And makes the slat floor very easy to power wash clean with pressure washers. Permits excellent manure filtration with minimum manure buildup for a clean, sanitary environment.
  3. The solid structure of Amisy poultry plastic floor system means easy to install and maintain and tability. It has been used with success under birds of all sizes – from little chick to large chicken, to goose! It is a stable structure for walking with minimal sag.
  4. Our polypropylene poultry slat floor system does not absorb body heat from the chick. Improved production rates mean faster weight gains with better feed conversions.
  5. No reports of breast blistering on chick housed on plastic Flooring – no chance of wooden slivers ever!

Unlike wire mesh floors, there are no reported problems with bumble foot on our plastic poultry floor – just solid, comfortable footing for the birds.

Drawing of broiler floor raising system



Automatic feeding, drinking and environment control system can help to save energy and improve the working efficiency. 


feed line

Feeding Line

drink line

Drinking Line

environment control system

Environment control system

Advantages of the broiler floor raising system:

  1. Low equipment investment
  2. Easy installation. Our poultry plastic slat floor is designed to connect to other accessories (PVC tube, PVC beam, plastic screw). Or connect to iron/ steel frame ( with appropriate width) to form stable plastic floor system
  3. Save labor cost
  4. High survival rate
  5. Good quality, cost effective poultry plastic floor system widely uses in both domestic markets and international markets. Very welcomed by customers in ASIA, US, EU, AU, AFRICA
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