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Negative Pressure Fan for Piggery

    Negative Pressure Fan for Piggery

    Square-shape Negative Pressure Fan Introduction

    Good quality fans are essential for proper performance of mechanically ventilated swine facilities. Featured by low noise, large CFM supply and easy installation. this negative pressure fan is an ideal ventilating-cooling equipment in piggery, stock barns, warehouses, offices, greenhouses and animal shelter, etc.


    Advantages of Negative Pressure Fan for Piggery Cooling

    • Particular V-shape bracket: strong and durable;
    • Pure-copper motor with national standard and imported bearing: uniform rotating speed, large CFM supply and low noise;
    • High-tech composite polymer nylon blade: good flexibility and corrosion-resistance;
    • Automatic on-off shutters: dustproof and waterproof;
    • Remarkable cooling effect, high air cleanliness and stable performance;
    • Low investment, Eco-friendly.

    Negative-Pressure Fan Working Principle

    1. Ventilating Principle

    The negative-pressure fan is used to exhaust air indoor, so the indoor air pressure is lowered, then there is a negative-pressure zone and the air outdoor will flow into the house for the air pressure difference;

    2. Cooling Principle

    A. Cooling by air exchange: the fan exhausts the hot air indoor to even the temperature between indoor and outdoor;
    B. Combine with the evaporative cooling pad to reach a good ventilating-cooling effect.

    Negative-Pressure Fan Routine Maintenance

    1. Regularly clean and maintain fan blades and shutters;
    2. If the belt has loosened, it should be adjusted and reset in time;
    3. Add lube if the motor bearing makes strange sounds;
    4. Regularly check the motor to ensure its good working condition.

    • negative pressure cooling fan

      Important Terms for Fan Selection Principle

      • Air Delivery: It is the amount of air that a fan will move under different conditions; also expressed as volume of air movement per unit time and the standard unit is cubic feet per minute (cfm).
      • Static Pressure: It is the pressure difference that a fan creates between the inside and outside of a mechanically ventilated structure. Fans create a vacuum in a house by exhausting air. The indoor environment with a lower pressure than outdoors will draw air in. This is a negative pressure system.
      • Fan Efficiency: It is the air delivery amount that a fan will provide per unit of electricity used and the standard unit is cubic feet per minute per watt (cfm/W).

    Square-shape Negative Pressure Fan Parameters

     Fan blade dia.
    Rotation speed of fan blade
    Rotation speed of ventilator
    Air volume
    Total pressure
    Input power
    Rated voltage

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