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Pig Gestation Crates

    Pig Gestation Crates

    The Introduction to Pig Gestation Crates

    Pig gestation is also called sow crate, the best time of using pig gestation crate is during mating and 5 weeks before farrowing.

    The pig gestation crate take less spaces, easy to control and can realize quantitative timing, so it’s very popular in pig farming. Due to the long time incorrect breeding, the maternity of exotic sows are brought down, so the piglets often crushed by the sow. In order to reduce the death rate of the piglets, most pig farms adopt pig gestation crates to limit the sow’s activities. The sow crate adopts hot galvanized pipe, with the thickness of 2.5mm, which achieves the international standard. One group includes 11 pieces, and enough for 10 sows’ use.


    The Advantages of Sow Crate Pig Farming Style

    • By using pig gestation crates, it can increase the pigs feeding number in fixed space, best for intensive cultivation.
    • Convenient to clean piggery and also set workers free from heavy and tedious work.
    • Convenient to manage. The status of sows are clear in the pig gestation crates, and it can reduce the error rate efficiently.
    • Avoid the fighting between sows, and decrease the rate of abortion.
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      Comparison Between Pig Gestation Crates & Pig Farrowing Crate

      1. What are pig gestation crates & pig farrowing crate

      Pig gestation crates is main pig farming equipment for sows during pregnancy.
      Pig farrowing crate is a penning design with separate areas of sow and piglets.

      2. Application difference

      Sow gestation crates are used so that pigs can be fed individually according to their own conditions; what’s more, it can avoid aggressive behavior among pigs.
      Pig farrowing crates are used to when pig farrow piglets and nursing piglets. Farrowing crates design can greatly reduce the number of piglets crushing or stepped by sow. Besides, the farrowing crates provide a cooler area for sow and warmer area for piglets. Pig crate slatted flooring design can keep the pigs dry and disease.

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      Pig Gestation Crate Specifications

      • Specification in Stock: 2.2*0.6 m for a single pig gestation crate
      • One single pig gestation crate include 2 pieces of steel rails, front door and back door. The trough is optional
      • we can customize for different size pig gestation crates for you.
      • Pig gestation crate material: Hot galvanized pipe
      • Pipe thickness: 2.5cm.

    For pig farmers using pig stall, you must pay attention to the following things for the benefits of pigs growing and gestation

    The sows must be able to stand up at rest in a crate without touching both sides of the stall
    When they lie down in the crate their snouts and hindquarters must not simultaneously be touching the ends of the stalls.
    The placement of waterer and/or feeder troughs in the crates must be easily accessible to them, but must not prevent ability to stand, stretch and lie
    When lying down, any contact with their neighbors in crates on either side must not result in injury.

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