Potato Planter Introduction

This potato planter, which comes into being on base of the long cooperation between the factory and customers, is the ideal machine of multifunction that meets the requirements of modern agricultural. This machine can plant the potato , pachyrhizus and some tubers planters etc. It can be used for different areas, climates and soils.

Potato Planter Features

1. The potato planting machine is a multifunctional planter. It can ditch and fertilize, finishing the complete process of sowing, ridging forming, planting and plastic membrane mulching.
2. Our potato planter can meet the requirements of different ares, the natural environments, geographical features, the climates, soils and agriculture demands.
3. We apply the advanced technology to cultivator of potatoes and test their mechanical performance again and again, they are the successfully improved type.
4. This machine has the features of compact structure, good mobility, strong adaptability, simple maintenance.

Potato Planter AdvantagesPotato Planter machine

1. With this machine, seeds could be in triangle shape and make reasonable use of space. All above would make a good base for increasing production and growing up.
2. The machine could meet the various requirements of agriculture. Seed depth, ridge height, spacing and plant spacing can be adjusted.
3. The advantage of using this machine: Labor-saving, high output, easy and comfortable operation.

Potato Planter Maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation and prolong the machine life, timely repair and maintenance is of crucial . The following is completing maintenance work that must be repeated every time before and after work.

Before working

  1. Check the flexibility of the rotating parts, the tightness of the drive chain and other parts each time before work.
  2. Identify the problems and repair timely.Add oil for at least 2 to 3 times during each shift.

After working

  1. Clear the soil on various parts of the machine after work every time.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine: Adjust the institutional structures to ensure that there is no sliding and shift phenomenon and no friction between the seeder and the opener.
  3. Replace the machine parts if necessary and coat it with oil.
  4. Place the machine in ventilated and dry place and keep it properly for future use.

Note:planting potato

1. We have two kinds of potato planter. The ordinary one could complete the process of sowing, ridging forming, planting. And the advanced one has the ability to accomplish all the tasks above as well as plastic membrane mulching. Choose the suitable one according to your needs.
2. We also supply potato harvester which is suitable for all kinds of soil, such as sandy soil, clayey soil and roam.

Some Potato Planting Tips with Potato Barrel

  1. Keep a few potatoes to use as seeds next year.
  2. Bush beans are a great companion plant.
  3. Try growing potatoes in sawdust instead of soil.

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Potato Planter Technical Data

Size 170×130×150mm 150×130×150mm 90×130×150mm 170×130×150mm
Weight 100kg 200kg 150kg 240kg
Row spacing 40—75cm 50—85cm / 50—85cm
Planting distance 25—33cm 25—-33cm 18—35cm 18—35cm
Productivity 0.1—0.14hm2/h 0.4—-0.6 hm2/h 0.2—0.4hm2/h 0.4—0.6hm2/h
Seed tank capacity 0.24 M3 0.18 M3 0.12M3 0.14M3
Manure tank capacity 0.08M3 0.08 M3 0.08M3 0.08M3
Mating Power 18-20HP 20-35HP 20-40HP 20-40HP