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Choosing Reversible Plough: A Comparison between Mounted and Semi-Mounted Types

When farmers are choosing the appropriate reversible plough, they often face a crucial decision: should they opt for a mounted reversible plough or a semi-mounted reversible plough? Each of these plough types has its unique characteristics and advantages, suitable for different types and scales of farms as well as varying tillage requirements. In this article, we will delve into a thorough comparison and introduction of these two types of ploughs, assisting farmers in making informed decisions based on their specific circumstances. Whether for small family farms or large-scale agricultural production, selecting the right reversible plough plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and improving tillage quality.

Mounted Reversible Plough


1.Simple structure

The plough body is directly connected to the tractor's three-point hitch system, making it compact and stable.

2.Good maneuverability

Easy to operate, suitable for small or less flat plots, and capable of flexible turning.

3.Wide applicability

Suitable for light to medium-sized tractors, handling smaller-scale fields.


1.Ideal for small farms

Small-sized fields can benefit from the flexibility of using a mounted reversible plough.

2.Easy operation

No additional support systems needed; installation and operation are straightforward.

Applicable filed

1.Sloping and irregular terrain

Due to its compact structure, it is more suitable for handling steep slopes or uneven terrains in farming.

2.Limited cultivation needs

This type of plough efficiently completes cultivation tasks on small plots of land.

Semi-mounted Reversible Plough


1.Support system

Equipped with dedicated brackets and support systems to accommodate larger plough bodies and increase ploughing depth.

2.Strong stability

The presence of a support system enables the semi-mounted reversible plough to handle larger land areas and deeper cultivation needs effectively.

3.Suitable for large tractors

Due to the support system sharing part of the weight, it is well-suited for use with large agricultural machinery.


1.Efficient ploughing

Capable of completing more cultivation tasks in shorter durations, making it ideal for large-scale farming.

2.Suitable for large fields

Efficiently handles tasks on larger areas with deeper cultivation needs, enhancing overall productivity.

3.Applicable scenarios

Large, flat lands: Particularly effective for swift and efficient cultivation on extensive, even terrains.

4.Depth and quality of cultivation

Ideal choice for farms requiring deeper ploughing and higher cultivation quality.

How to Choose

1.Farm size and terrain

Semi-mounted reversible ploughs are more effective for large, flat fields, while mounted options may be better suited for smaller or irregular terrains.

2.Tractor type and power

Consider the specifications of your tractor to ensure compatibility with the chosen plough type.

3.Depth and efficiency requirements

Select a plough that meets your specific needs for cultivation depth and efficiency.


Based on farm conditions, tractor specifications, and cultivation requirements, readers can choose between a Mounted Reversible Plough or Semi-mounted Reversible Plough to enhance agricultural production efficiency and quality.