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Cautions for Harvesting Potatoes

To lessen the loss in harvesting potatoes by potato harvesting machine, here are some cautions for reference.

1. Need to cut the seedlings beforehand. For the normal plot, one day in advance and for the plot of high humidity and viscosity, 2-3 days in advance (or it can be more days according to the different soil condition).
Tips: Cutting the seedlings is to evaporate soil water, so that it is easier to harvest potatoes.

2. Usually the cut seedlings should be removed from the plot, but if the harvested potatoes can not be packed and carried away in time, to avoid sunlight exposure, the seedlings can be nearby placed to cover the potatoes.

3. Avoid sunlight exposure during harvesting. Sunny days is good for collecting and packing in the field, but after sunlight exposure, the freshly harvested potatoes will turn green, producing a kind of toxical chemicals called solanine and also potatoes will turn rotted easily.
Tips: The right harvesting time in sunny days is the whole night and every daytime before 9:00 AM and after 17:00 PM.

4. About 15 days before harvesting, stop watering for promoting potato skin aging to reduce mechanical damage; when harvesting potatoes, farmers should wear gloves to reduce artificial damage.

5. Strictly sorting and packing. Generally, the buyers has grade requirements on potatoes, so during harvesting those deformed potatoes, bug potatoes and green potatoes should be picked out to ensure the holistic quality.
Tips: According to the requirements of potato buyers, the potato has 3 grades in general: Grade 1—150g per potato, Grade 2—100~150g per potato, Grade 3—≦100g per potato.

6. Orderly harvesting to avoid mixing of seed potatoes and commodity potatoes.

7. Lightly handling to avoid damage loss.