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How to Choose Corn Combine Harvester

A corn combine harvester is a machine used for the corn harvest which both improves the harvest efficient and saves labor cost. Currently there are a variety of corn harvesters in the market, then how to choose a suitable corn combine harvester becomes an important question. In the following, we will give you some suggestions:

1. You should take the the regional applicability into consideration when choosing a combine corn harvester. Since the difference harvest time and sowing methods in different districts, the corn grows in different location in the corn stalk, so when choosing the corn harvester you should make sure the snapping bars of the machine are suitable to the harvesting of corn in this district.

2. You should consider the investment income. Combine corn harvesters can be divided into self-propelled corn harvester, trail-type corn harvester and backpack corn harvester. The trail-type corn combine harvester is about 13-15 meters wide, so it is not suitable for small plot of lands. The backpack type corn combine harvester can utilize the in hand tractor so the investment is low. But the backpack corn combine harvester have a good performance and high working efficiency. Self-propelled corn combine harvester can harvest the corn fully automatic and with a better performance but the machinery is with larger size and more expensive, so the investment recovery period is long.

3. You must consider the power of supporting. To have a better performance and to operate the machinery safer, the power of the tractor which are combined with the corn harvester should match the corn harvester.

4. The quality and after-service of the combine corn harvester. When choosing the machinery, you should choose the machine with maturity technology and better after-service or guarantee time. The factory with high credible can provide better machinery.

5. The treatment method of the corn stalk also influence the decision of buying corn combine harvester. Many corn combine harvester are equipped with the straw chopper, the corn harvester harvest the machine and at the same time, the straw chop the corn straws and then throw them into the field. However, with the development of the stockbreeding, corn straws are needed as a feedstuff. So some customers require to keep the straws when harvesting the corn.