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Proper Use of Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester

Rice combine harvester is used for the harvesting of rice or wheat. A combine rice harvester can finish the whole processes of rice or wheat harvesting from harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning. Using the machine properly can not only improves the working efficiency but also can prolong its service life. In the following, I will give you some suggestions on how to use the combine rice harvester properly.

Factory Price Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester

1. Start the harvester before harvesting. Before harvesting, the machine should be started the harvester and run at the rated speed thus can avoid the knife bar be gripped by the straws.

2. Choose proper harvesting time. It is better to harvest the rice or wheat after 9 a.m since it is little dew at that time and the rice or wheat is drier. In addition, the machine had better not harvest the grain after the rain or during rain for it may cause the block of the harvester and increase the grain loss.

3. Adjust the header of the rice or rice harvester. If the stubble heat is too high, it is hard to harvest the dwarf straws and it is also influence the sowing of next year. It is better to lower the header but not lower than 6 cm for that it will cause the cutting of soil and further to damage the knife bar.

4. Control the working speed. The working speed is closely related to the working efficiency and working effect of the combine rice harvester. Normally, if the land is plain, open and the grains are all in yellow ripening stage, the operator can improve the working speed, otherwise the operator should slow down the working speed.

5. The machine should run straightly. The wheat/rice harvester should run straightly when harvesting the rice or wheat and the rice/wheat harvester should stop harvesting when turning or the grain may be overwhelmed by the divider.

6. Made the throttle valve at medium or opening position when harvesting. When the harvester leave the cutting area, keep the throttle valve at medium or open position at about 30s to ensure the grains in the machine are all out.

7. Clean and maintain the combine rice harvester after harvesting. There are often some soil and other sundries in the machine after harvesting which will corrode the combine harvester or cause blocking of the machine. So clean the machine and oil the machine after harvesting and then store it in a dry and airy place.